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I am inspired by light and colour and texture in the world around me. Trees and rocks and rust and weathered surfaces. All subjects whether nudes or still lives or landscape are influenced by the places I experience. I am naturally drawn to the sea and the sun.... Recent work is from the landscape of Southern Italy.  The light is fierce in the Summer, dramatic and gold on the red soil as the sun goes down, with long slanting deep purple shadows in the olive groves.  Silver and hazy olive green and soft pinks in the Autumn. Old Italian faded glory is all around in San Michele and Ostuni, weathered walls, doors with peeling layers of paint, beautiful ochres and turquoises, strong slanting shadows and burnt orange rusty ornate railings on the balconies.

I imbue the work with my internal journey as well as the places I inhabit, the images are more about the experience than a photographic representation.

I make joyous contemporary large oil paintings celebrating the beauty of the world around me.
I believe painting speaks to the soul like visual poetry, giving hope and joy and inspiration.

Having graduated with a BA in Fine Art, and a PGCE I have continued working in the arts as a practicing artist, and tutor. I taught A level Art and design and life drawing for 30 years, and now run workshops and teach private classes. I am a painter, but love to experiment with textiles too. I use a range of media and have a wide experience of using different materials. Experimentation with media has always been important both to my own practice and the way that I teach art. See Workshops.

Painting is the absorption of all my joy and sorrow and the landscape of it.

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