I draw inspiration from shifts in life experience and changes of place. My spaces, windows, objects... my wider landscape of place, trees, the sea, rocks, old walls, rusty gates. In my paintings I am trying to make sense of my spiritual as well as physical journey... to distill colour, light and shade into emotive compositions rich in texture and layers, sometimes revealing, sometimes obscuring the things that matter.



“FILLING THE CRACKS WITH GOLD” series. These paintings are derived from the landscape of Southern Italy where I spent a year healing and immersing myself in painting. The title derives from the Japanese practice of “Kintsugi”, when broken ceramic pieces are mended they fill the cracks with gold and believe an object is even more beautiful for having suffered damage.



These works have been done to commission for significant birthdays/ retirement/ engagement. Prices include one sitting and photograph which I work from.

Still Lives

A love of surface, a love of colour and a love of drawing. I keep returning to vessels, twigs, leaves and pomegranates. All of which are imbued with the landscape and the seasons. Nature informs all that I do. In more recent work the forms get lost and found within the compositions.



"CARYATID" series. These female nudes celebrate the strength of women, the title derives from the Greek word to describe sculpted female forms serving as an architectural support in place of a column. The female nudes are “holding it all together”.